From L to R: Gui Bodi (Bassist), Eric Knight (Lead Vox & Guitars), Ramon Blanco (Lead Guitars)(Hollywood) Eric Knight's new project Disciples Of Babylon™ have entered the studio to begin work on their debut release slated for a fall 2014 release. The EP is being recorded at The Sound Factory in Hollywood which is part of the historic Sunset Sound Studios.


The Disciples Of Babylonconsists of vocalist & rhythm guitarist Eric Knight, lead guitarist Ramon Blanco and bassist Gui Bodi. Individually they have released several national releases amongst them. Some opening for some of the biggest bands in the world such as: Aerosmith, KISS, The Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock. They each have toured extensively throughout the US and overseas performing at such festivals as the Warped Tour.

"I am extremely excited about this project", says the singer. "This has been a long time coming and preparing but it is finally here." The singer also added, "This will be the first time that I am back in a band in a very long time. I missed what it felt like to be in a band situation where everyone is contributing and creating, the chemistry it's very stimulating. I tried to start this project at various stages throughout the years but the timing wasn't right. I looked to get into a band for many years but it just didn't feel right."


"The vision of what I wanted to do and accomplish musically wasn't there. So I decided to form a new band from scratch. One day when I wasn't even looking I came across a video of a guitar player that had posted his video up on YouTube. I remember being blown away with his style and grace of playing. That guitarist was Ramon Blanco and the rest shall we say is history." 

"I wrote him immediately and told him who I was, sent him some links of my music and that I wanted to speak to him about this idea for a band that I wanted to put together. We met up at a Starbucks in Hollywood, spoke about what I had in mind, he seemed to be in complete agreement with the vision. We decided to plan a day where we would get together for a songwriting session to see if there was anything there. The day we finally met it was immediate, there was a chemistry that could not be denied. We wrote our first song together that day which will be a part of this EP." 

"As we kept writing throughout the months and we started thinking about putting the rest of the band together, Ramon suggested his good friend bassist Gui Bodi join. They went to the same school together, (acutally the entire band went to the same school, MI Musicians Institute). The minute I met Gui I was convinced he was the guy. Both Ramon & Gui are amazing human beings and it was those gut feelings and butterflys that I had that confirmed that the timing was right now to do this project." The album is being produced by producer Andres Torres, another good friend of the band.

Stay tuned here as more details become available...