dob cd01Hollywood, CA - (July 21, 2015) Here is the first look at the new album cover for the upcoming EP from Disciples of Babylon entitled 'Welcome to Babylon'. The cover was revealed all over the bands social media today leaving fans in anticpation on the upcoming release slated for September 4th digitally. "The way this cover came together really just pieced together, and then somehow magically all the elements came in at the right time", says DOB vocalist Eric Knight.

The artwork & digital Illustration was done by. artist Eric Gagnon (who's worked on developing the digital landscapes on WB video game Batman: Arkham Asylum among others. "It was just a stunning piece of art, I tracked Eric down and he was thrilled to let us use it.", says the vocalist "It wen't perfectly with the concept of this being a modern day Babylon and with the EP's title." The glyph design was created by Charles Sabbagh III.  Layout & typeset was handled by Carlos Diaz.

The EP will be available for pre-orders online via iTunes on July 28th. Keep visiting the band here on their website for more details and official updates. Also watch them perform live at their FREE EP release concert in Hollywood at King King on August 12th. Get your FREE tickets here.